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Top 5 Swimming Pool Games

September 29th, 2023

Swimming pools aren’t just for kids. In Dallas Fort Worth, the temperatures are known to sky rocket, which only means that you’ll just have to jump in to cool off too! Pools have a way of relaxing you, but they can also be very great for entertainment. If you’re looking to have some friends over multiple times this summer, give these 5 pool games a shot!


There is nothing more fun than a good old fashioned game of pool volleyball to help pass the time! Create memories with your friends and family with a blow up volleyball. Install a volleyball net over your pool and see which friends are the competitive ones!

Water Polo

If you’ve always wanted to try out for the Olympic water polo team, it’s time to start training! Water polo with your friends can be fun, but competitive. If you want to make it a little more fun, give each player a tube to keep them floating while they play. This will add some laughs, struggle and memories to the game.

Top Belly Flop

We know that you probably found out the hard way that belly flops are not very fun to experience, but they sure make people laugh. Have a belly flop contest for all the brave souls you’re friends with, and be sure you have judges that hold up score cards too!

Pool Toss

Take all the pool tubes and pile them into the middle of your pool. Find objects that aren’t going to damage your pool, like diving toys, and try to score as many times as possible! Each tube could be a different amount of points. Play in teams or as individuals, both would be fun!

Tugboat Relay

If you’re looking for a fun way to race your buddies, grab a couple of ropes and tubes. In teams of two, you will either be pulling your buddy across the pool while they’re sitting in the tube, or you will be the one laughing in the tube cheering for your partner. The person who gets to the other side of the pool first by being pulled by the rope wins!

If all of these swimming pool games sounds fun, it’s time to build the swimming pool of your dreams. Our team of professionals have the talent and experience that you can trust. Peruse our incredible selection of custom built swimming pools online. Our gallery is full of pools we have installed and designed ourselves! Don’t worry, if you are wanting to make your backyard an outdoor oasis, there are so many more service options that we can provide for you. Custom outdoor kitchens, patio designs are custom pools are our main focus. Give into temptation and live in a home that you have always dreamed of! So what are you waiting for? Contact us online to start designing a custom pool of your dreams with Mirage Custom Pools in Dallas Fort Worth today!

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