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Pool Safety 101

September 29th, 2023

Custom Free Form pools in Dallas Fort Worth are popular, and the fact of the matter is, you may not be able to avoid them all the time! Being the premier custom pool builders in the Dallas area makes us that much more concerned for those who buy pools with children. Because we want you to enjoy your pool with your little ones safely, we’re going to give you some tips on pool safety that everyone can benefit from.

Stay arm’s length away

You should be keeping an eye on your child at all times when around the water. It is best if you keep an arm’s length distance away from your child, but if you have to run inside to get something, just bring your child with you. If you are a parent that is gone from most of the day during the summer, and your child is under the supervision and care of a nanny or babysitter, make sure there are ground rules when outside around the pool.

Stay aware when at other custom pools.

It’s normal for everyone to have custom pools in Dallas Fort Worth. Every pool will be different, which only means that you should be more aware than ever in areas that are new. Be aware of swimming hazards, wave makers or waterfalls, so that you can keep your child safe.

Always use safety devices with your kids

Tube floaties, life jackets and arm floaties that are approved for safety won’t always protect your child from drowning, but they can definitely provide more safety than not having them at all. Make sure your child knows how to use their floatie and/or life jacket, and always stay in the water with them while they’re playing.

You can’t always rely on a lifeguard.

No matter what pool you’re at, if there is a lifeguard on duty, you can’t always rely on them. Lifeguards have many kids to protect from drowning, so if there are a surplus of children in the pool at once, it’s much easier for a child to slip under the water unnoticed. Always be aware of where your child is, because ultimately it’s up to you to keep your child safe at all times.

Be aware of the type of pool your child is swimming in.

If your child is swimming in an inflatable pool because your custom pool is still being built, you shouldn’t lose any awareness of your child. Just because children’s pools are much more shallow and seem safer, they still have enough water for your child to drown. Stay cautious of when your child wants to play in their pool.

At all times, know where your child is

If your child is old enough and has enough experience with swimming that you can trust to break the arm’s length away rule, it is still important to know where they are at all times. If they’ve gone missing, it’s important to always check the pool first. Constant supervision is a must when around a pool, and unfortunately it can be the difference between life and death.

Set up “roadblocks”

If you’re trying to keep your children away from the pool area, it can be helpful to set up roadblocks. Roadblocks like installing an alarm on doors, windows or gates that lead to the pool area can keep you aware at all times. You can also have your custom pool in Dallas equipped to alarm you when something has entered the water.

Surround your pool area with a fence.

An isolation fence can help to prevent access to the pool all together. If you have a fence around your pool or spa that is hard to climb, it can be the prevention you need to keep your children safe from drowning. Be sure that the gate on this fence is locked at all times, or that the latch to lock it is out of your child’s reach.

Avoid chemical dispensers that look like toys.

Children are more likely to jump into a pool to check out that new chemical dispenser that looks like a fun toy. Buy a chemical dispenser that actually looks like a chemical dispenser, or check out the different choices of chemical dispensers you have.

Always be prepared.

You can’t predict when or if an emergency will happen, but you can be prepared. Always have a phone by the pool just in case there is an emergency that occurs, and take classes to learn CPR.

Keeping your child safe around your brand new custom pool in Dallas is a priority that you should take seriously. If you’re wanted to build a custom pool in your backyard, contact us online now!

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