Escape to Your
Outdoor Space

Relax Under Backyard Shade Structures

The Texas sun can get intense. A backyard shade structure allows you to enjoy the outdoors without roasting. We design and install custom wood pavilions, pergolas, and poolside cabanas that complete your vision of a comfortable outdoor experience.

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Gather Around Outdoor Fire Features

Fire delivers an instant atmosphere. Everyone loves a spring or summer night huddled around a fire pit, making memories or s’mores if the mood strikes. No matter your fire accent needs, we can help design custom fire features that make your outdoor living space unique.

Fire Pits

Choose in-ground or portable fire pits in styles from modern steel to faux stone for a modern fire accent. Select gas for convenience or real wood for aroma and the traditional crackling sound of flames.

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace becomes a stunning backdrop for gatherings and can help create the perfect moment for guests seeking warmth and comfort. Opt for sleek, linear options or ornate stone. Whatever you desire, we can help deliver!

Why Create an Outdoor Oasis?

There are so many excellent reasons to develop your backyard into a luxury outdoor living paradise with Mirage Custom Pools.

Enjoy the Outdoors Year-Round

Texas weather combined with a custom outdoor living space lets you use your yard most of the year. Make the most of it with outdoor amenities you can enjoy regardless of the season.

Entertain Guests

Ready to become the coolest house on the block? Whether hosting large parties or small get-togethers, your outdoor additions offer plenty of gathering spots and activities for guests.

Add Home Value

Luxury outdoor living spaces can increase your home’s value significantly. A custom outdoor fireplace, kitchen, and pool boost curb appeal and sale price when the time comes to move on from your home.

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Outdoor Living Spaces by Mirage Custom Pools

Your luxury outdoor living space can quickly become a private vacation spot for your family to savor time together. Relax, play, and bond right at home, embracing the lifestyle you deserve from your home.


So many backyards are underutilized as an extension of the home. The truth is, a backyard has limitless potential that we can help bring to life.


Ready to design your outdoor oasis? Contact the outdoor living experts at Mirage Custom Pools in Lewisville, Texas by calling (972) 434-7946 today to get the process started.

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Light Up Your Nights with Dramatic Backyard Lighting

Outdoor lighting transforms your backyard from day to night. We recommend layering your yard with lighting elements that bring out the warmth and fun of your yard after dark.

Ambient Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting around trees, pathways, and fences creates a soft glow, while uplighting on structures provides a welcoming backdrop.

Task Lighting

Illuminate stairways, cooking areas, and other zones where visibility is needed for safety and function.

Accent Lighting

LED fixtures spotlight architectural or landscaping focal points and underwater lights illuminate pools and tubs,

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Craft Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking is a cherished Texas tradition. A custom outdoor kitchen allows you to embrace a sophisticated grilling and dining experience just steps from your home. Our team will collaborate with you to design the ideal outdoor kitchen.

Grilling Stations

The centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen starts with top-tier grills and smokers. We can recommend equipment from the most reliable brands on the market.

Serving Areas

Adjoining your grilling station, we design spacious granite or tile countertops for food prep and serving. Add seating like a breakfast bar, dining peninsula, or tables and chairs to gather family and friends. From there, you’ll have a serving area that will please any guest that wants to enjoy their meal in a luxurious outdoor setting.

Kitchen Amenities

Like an indoor kitchen, we can help your outdoor kitchen incorporate side burners, under-counter refrigerators, cocktail stations with sinks, storage cabinets, and more. With full convenience only steps away, you may never use your indoor kitchen again!

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What Our Customers Say

Build an Outdoor Kitchen in Dallas, TX

Ready to get cooking outdoors? Mirage Custom Pools is ready to help you do what it takes to transform your backyard into a culinary oasis with a custom outdoor kitchen in Dallas, Texas. We can elevate your outdoor living experience, boost your property’s value, and create a space that reflects your style and taste. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life. Our team is ready to make your vision a reality.

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