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Add Landscaping to your Custom Patio Design

September 29th, 2023

When it comes to your home, you should enjoy every part of it. One of the easiest ways to enjoy your home is by making every square foot of your property usable. One of the easiests ways to make sure your backyard is used to its full potential is by hiring Dallas Fort Worth’s patio design crew. With the designs that we provide, we know you’ll love to use your fully furnished patio like never before! But, what about beautiful lush trees to accentuate the design? Not a problem! Here are some ways we can integrate trees with your patio.

Consider Keeping All of your Old Trees

Many people believe that you have to take out older trees if you’re wanting to have a patio built. The fact of the matter is, sometimes it’s better to leave them in! Leaving trees where they are will give your home a higher value when you decide to sell, and there are many easy ways that we can work around the trees.

Keep Inground Waterfalls and Bushes

Bushes and waterfalls don’t need to come out when we build patios. Even if your waterfall and shrubbery are in the middle of where you want to put your patio, we can make it work. Designing a patio that can fit around your home’s best features is our specialty! Plus, we don’t want you to sacrifice a beautiful water feature and plants for a patio. We encourage you to keep the features that you love, and let us figure out how we can make it work.

Add Trees Along the Patio

If you’ve always loved the look of a patio with trees growing out the center of it, you may love this idea. Even though the tree you plant may not grow to be big and strong for years, you will have the design that you love! Sometimes however, we aren’t sure how big a tree will grow to be, so it could be a better idea, depending on your property, to install another feature in the middle of your patio. Features, such as a fountain or flower garden, are optimal!

Save your Garden

Gardens are a great way to keep your home innovative and fresh. If you have a small garden that you’d like to keep, we are sure there are ways we can provide a new and fresh design that allows you to keep your garden.

Jazz Up your Patio with a Fireplace

Sometimes a fireplace is exactly what you need to keep friends happy! Enjoy a cool evening around a firepit that is smack dab in the middle of your newly designed patio. If you already have a firepit that you love and aren’t interested in moving it or installing a new one, this is the perfect option for you.

Planter Trees are a Great Option

If you love trees, but you also love the ability to move them, planters with trees or big shrubs may be the perfect option for you. You can move these plants wherever you please!

For help or guidane on landscaping design around the inground pool in your backyard, reach out to our experts now. 

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