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Decide the Pool Shape Right For You

September 29th, 2023

Swimming Pools are an easy way to have fun with friends, get some much needed exercise, or relax all of the stress away. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pool, but are unsure of what shape would be best for you and your lifestyle, Mirage Custom Pools in Dallas Fort Worth has all of the answers! First, it’s important for you to catch up by reading our latest post. There, you will learn all about what type of pool would be right for your lifestyle. Ask yourself questions, like, “will I be using this pool for exercise?” or “would family and friends enjoy a fun volleyball game?”. Get to know what kind of pools are out there for the type of entertainment you want them  for, then continue reading about which pool shape and size would make your entertainment dreams become a reality.


When you begin to ponder about which pool would be right for you, there are two elements that you must consider, the size of your backyard and your family’s lifestyle. Below are pool descriptions that are not standardized but are often a great starting point when deciding which pool is the perfect option for you.


Long rectangles are great for individuals who are looking to exercise. Use this pool for swimming laps or a fun game of water polo with your closest friends. It’s important, however, to make sure the pool is at least 40 feet long, and 4 feet deep. This is so that the swimmer is safe when executing turns.


Short Rectangles are great for water aerobics and water games, like basketball and volleyball. The perfect depth of a short rectangle pool is 3 to 4 feet.


L-Shaped swimming pools are great in the fact that they can double as an exercise pool and entertainment pool. Although space is taken into consideration when building L-shaped pools, they  can offer both a play area for sports, such as basketball and volleyball, and they also offer the convenience of a lap pool for exercise.


Grecian swimming pools are seen as a fancy type of rectangle pool. Although it is a rectangle shape, the corners are cut to allow for better water circulation and added design interest. These pools can be used as a lap pool or play pool.


Roman swimming pools are classically inspired with a formal design with rounded rectangular ends. These pools make great lap pools and play pools that can hold plenty of family and friends.


Kidney-Shaped pools are retro looking, and can be built in nearly any size. These pools are great for people who don’t have a lot of space for a long rectangle pool, but still want to  be able to play water games with friends and family.


Freeform swimming pools are custom to what the customer is looking for. These pools provide more than one circular curve. They are perfect pools to incorporate into a backyard that has a lot of existing landscape. Freeform pools are the most natural looking pools, because they can be created to look just like a natural body of water!


Geometric swimming pools are unique and are perfect for anyone who loves the contemporary look. Straight lines and angles are used in these pools, and you can create them  to be perfect for whatever your needs are.

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When you own an in-ground freeform or formal pool.

Top 5 Benefits of Installing

When you own an in-ground freeform or formal pool.

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