Your Mirage Backyard Landscape Designs:

What is your family’s purpose, use, need, vision, and desire for your backyard oasis?

Do you entertain?

Is it all about the kids?

Are you a “Sun Goddess”, or do you require more shady spots?

Do you desire outdoor living by your pool (Grills/Kitchens, Shade Structures, etc.)?

Do you intend on using your outdoor living space in the Fall & Winter, needing a Fire
Pit or Fire Place?

Do you want to consider child safety fences or automatic pool covers?

The Nuts and Bolts of your design: How can your backyard oasis be customized to best fit your lifestyle?


Will you be using the pool for exercise, if so, what types?  

Do you see your family using your pool for water sports, if so, what kind?

Is a deep end or diving end part of your “Mirage”?

How do we make your “Mirage” a reality?

From your main focal point inside your home, which part of your Mirage Pool is most desired to be seen?

Do you prefer a free forming naturalistic pool or clean, formal, traditional lines?

Do you desire moving water in the form of water features like waterfalls, raised walls, etc?

Ease of Use: How “user friendly” do you desire your pool to be?
Do you prefer low chorine based sanitizers or salt based  *Ask your Mirage Consultant for detail on both systems, and find which system is right for you.
What cleaning system works best for your lifestyle: built in in-ground system or traditional pool cleaner?

Things needed to Design your Mirage Pool: These things are to be provided at the first appointment, to
allow us to accurately design your Mirage with respect to property lines, easements, building setbacks,
and any existing layout of gas, electric, and water services if shown on stamped survey.

Stamped survey, before we visit project site, stamped by licenses surveyor  *Most homeowners find these in their original closing paper work.
Septic survey if necessary, if your property is not on city sewer service.1st Appointment: This is a “fact finding” mission on your property to discuss layout, positioning, wants &


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