1dIf you love breathing in fresh air and want to have a place to kick back and relax, it’s time to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis where you can do just that. Just because you’re not taking a dip in your formal inground pool doesn’t mean you can’t stay cool. With a roof structure, such as a shade arbor, cabana, pergola or shingled structure, we know that you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space in a variety of weather conditions. But what are the true benefits of installing one of these to accompany your backyard oasis?



There’s nothing like being able to get away from the sun that’s beating down on you during a family barbecue. Enjoy a shaded area which you can relax in. Not only that but when you have some sort of structure over your head, you won’t have to worry about a little bit of rain turning your outdoor barbecue into an indoor party. Stay sheltered from a storm that passes, depending on which structure you choose to have installed overhead.


It seems as if homes are built on top of one another these days. It’s very rare to own a home with a great distance between neighbors. If you’ve always wanted to increase your privacy, this is one of the easiest ways to do it! A pergola or other frame-style accent in your backyard will be able to provide your family with the additional privacy you’re looking for. After all, your backyard should be your safe-haven! Feel safe from neighbors looking in at you by upgrading your backyard oasis with a pergola, cabana or shade arbor you’ll love to use!


No matter if you’re planning on selling tomorrow or a year from now, your home’s value is something that everyone should always keep in the back of their mind. Nobody ever wants to buy a home only to realize that they paid more than what it is worth today. To keep this from happening, you can easily install upgrades to your home. Upgrades and additions, such as building a pergola over your outdoor patio is one place to start, especially because pools, pergolas and outdoor kitchens can make your home be listed as a high-end home!


If you love flowers, butterflies, and lush green plants, a pergola or other frame-style accent would be perfect for you. Not only do these structures give your backyard the additional beauty you crave by themselves, but if you decided to use these structures as a place for vine-like flowers to flourish, your backyard will become even lusher than you had ever imaged. If you’re not too keen on vines crawling on your structure, you can always hang flower baskets from each corner or wherever your heart desires!

Want to provide yourself and your guests with a space that is not only inviting but unique? Contact Mirage Custom Pools online today to transform your Dallas backyard into more of an oasis than ever before!