Custom swimming pools can be found in nearly every homeowner’s backyard in Dallas Fort Worth, but if you’re not one of them, you may feel left out! Because of this reason, we’ve been providing readers with common custom pool shapes that we build on a regular basis in the area. Catch up by reading past posts and continue reading below!


Circular pools are great for small yards and families. Families who are just looking for a little home away from home in their own backyard may find that a small round pool is exactly what they need to enjoy life just a little bit more. Plus, they’re very easy to keep clean, and you can have them built to be small or rather large.


Oval pools are great for big families and for people who love throwing pool parties! These pools have the ability to accommodate a lot of people at one time, and are perfect if you love to have fun on a diving board. However, they do require quite a bit of space because of the curved lines. If you love ovals, this pool looks great surrounded by a grassy yard and colorful plants!


Kidney pools are perfect for small backyards and they make for a great attraction to any home if you’re looking to add a waterfall, rock formation or small slide. Though they are generally small, they’re easy to decorate and add to!

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